There’s something Wyrd in your neighbourhood…

Taking advantage of this current burst of enthusiasm I thought, as promised, I would continue in the current vein and throw up a few photos, this time from the 2010  production of Terry Prathcett’s ‘Wyrd Sisters‘, notable as the second part of the infamous ‘Witch Trilogy’ and for being snowed out during its run. Thus despite a virtual sell out it was only witnessed by a small number of stalwart audience members who braved the snow and ice. Indeed it was very nearly scuppered by a number of actors not being able to make it and the final dress took place with a much depleted cast and crew. But, you know what they say, the show must go on! Ahh the memories…

These are therefore something of a limited edition as a whole lot of people wouldn’t have seen this splendid and, in some ways, spectacular production- pyrotyechnics, flying, disembodied heads, glow in the dark ghosts (-ish)- so enjoy a taste. And who knows, another trip to the Discworld may be in the offing sometime soon.

Right that’s it, I’m spent! More photos in a week or two and an update from our latest production ‘Murder Deferred’ but I really ought to go back to my proper job and do some marking. Catch ya anon.


2 thoughts on “There’s something Wyrd in your neighbourhood…

  1. Well done Mike, I for one think you have done a great job so far, keep it up.
    Nice to see photos of my daughter Beth acting her heart out, and this was another great play with plenty of laughs 🙂

    • Thanks muchly, really appreciate that. Am enjoying doing it and glad that you enjoyed the ‘Wyrd Sisters’ memories. Just got to spread the word and get as many people following as poss now.

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