All in Good Cause

It was certainly a great day for it. Yesterday a clutch of Matchbox stalwarts ventured out to Nash Lane in the heart of Keston to run checkpoint 6 of the St. Christopher’s hospice Charity Fun Walk. This is a tradition that had been going for over a decade now and it was certainly one of the better days weather wise in my, albeit limited, experience. The theme for the day was Shakespearean- altogether more upbeat than the previous walk’s Puritanism – and a few lucky walkers were treated to a variety of poetic treats courtesy of Mr Tim Pierce, including the hardy staple, ‘Shall I Conpare Thee to a Summers Day’ last seen as part of his Sonnet-U-Like skit during the ‘Compleat Works’. It was another very successful, fun and good humoured event with our very own K Isom walking along with her sister Becky and one of our youngest talents Lily Pierce who, as the photos above show, had enough energy to come back for more and man the checkpoint after. I certainly know that some of us there were inspired to get involved next time so, who knows, maybe there might be a Lady Macbeth or Lear walking in amongsy the fairies, Cookie Monsters and Elmos.

We were also leafleting and providing walkers with details of our next events and our forthcoming social in October. And if you have been brought to this blog through such a leaflet we hope you will follow and think about joining us.

More photos from the past coming very soon and an updste on ‘ Murder Deferred’ in a fortnight.

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