Airing One’s Linen…

Continuing this series of retrospectives of previous plays, here are a selection of photos from March 2012’s ‘Dirty Linen’ and ‘Newfoundland’by Tom Stoppard. This pair of contrasting pieces, directed by Tim Pierce, slotted together neatly into the same evening although were a world apart in content. The former, and indeed central action of the night, was a hilarious study¬†of hypocrisy at the highest level with a House of Commons Select Committee meeting to discuss a series of press scandals involving a mysterious woman and 119 claims of sexual harrassment. It all becomes clear that the secretary Miss Gotobed has more than a passing invovlement¬†with this collection of ministers and I am sure you can piece together the mystery through looking at some of the images above. Written in 1976 it’s fair to say that things haven’t changed much today!

The second piece ‘Newfoundland’ was a somewhat surreal brace of monologues, the first on Lloyd George and a five pound note and then a tour de force celebration of America with an assault of the audio and visual. Many fond memories come back to me looking at these photos, and I am amazed that being such a student of The Hortensio Curve ™ (I’ll tell you about it some day) I still remember sizeable chunks of that monolithic speech -“Picture the scene…”.

Anyway, enough dewy eyed nostalgia from me, break time is nearly over so I ought to get back to it, but I hope that these photos might evoke a memory or two of your own, whether you were involved or watching. If that is the case then my work is done here…

..and it really ought to be otherwise I will get in trouble.

More memories next week and very soon an update on ‘Murder Deferred’. And please, if you have any comments, criticisms or memories of your own, feel free to drop a line and get involved. Spread the word.

And with that I am outta here