Deferral is (nearly) over

Well it’s finally the week of the performance of the Matchbox’s summer production, ‘Murder Deferred’ by Stuart Ready. Having been a while since I’d last seen any of the production I went along to the church hall yesterday to sit in on the technical rehearsal and it looks set to be another great night of entertainment. I took a few photos so you can get a flavour of the action and set- another magnificent Downing (& Co.) product which truly captures the cluttered environs of the pub where events unfold to a surprising conclusion. This is not quite a ‘Whodunnit’, not quite a ‘How’d he do it?’ but something in-between as co-director Vicky Pearce told me yesterday. Now, being only a technical I can’t comment fully on the piece and I hope to offer up an honest appraisal of it in review next week but I can certainly guarantee a number of twists and turns and warn you to expect the unexpected. This play promises a great slice of entertaining theatre, and as oft I say, all for £6. So, if you haven’t got your tickets why not get them sorted for this Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. I think I can assure you you will be more than satisfied.

And if you want a bit more of a taste then why not cast your eyes over the trailer viewable at

Hopefully I’ll be back with more news, information and a little more nostalgia in the next couple of days. Until then, take care, and, if you haven’t doen so already, book those tickets.

Best wishes