Razzle Dazzle ‘Em!

Following quick on the heels of yesterday’s look to the near future, here’s another dose of nostalgia, albeit fairly recent.

The winter of 2011 saw the Matchbox celebrate its 30th Anniversary and it was certainly celebrated is style. For two nights only, audiences were wowed with scenes from a selection of pieces drawn from the eighty or so plays that we had done up to that point. Grouped together under themes which, alas, elude me at the moment, our feasting and drinking audience were treated to scenes from ‘The Darling Buds of May’, ‘Hobsons Choice’, ‘Blithe Spirit’, ‘A Man for All Seasons’, ‘The Scottish Play’, a marvelous reworking of The Mechanicals’ scenes from ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ and, by way of climax, a breath-taking version of ‘If I Were Not Upon the Stage’. A musical number at The Matchbox?! A rarity indeed.

This spread of photos will hopefully jog a few memories of what was a truly spectacular night, complete with quiz and a wealth of images and programmes from days recent and the far distant past, celebrating three great decades. It was a truly memorable occasion which was enjoyed by all and, with our next play coming up in a matter of days, it seems a great time to remember what we do so well as a theatre group. I certainly remember a lot of laughter and warmth alongside some great moments on stage- any night where a man can play Pop Larkin, Henry VIII and a Wall is one to be treasured – and as most of you reading this who strut and fret your hour upon the stage would agree, that is why we do it.

So, I’ll leave you with that warm and runny feeling of nostalgia, and, again, catch you a little bit later. Maybe tomorrow if things work out all right…