Wind in the Willows

A4 Poster (W in W)

Well, the summer is well and truly upon us and, though wilting, the heat is welcome I am sure. That said,not perhaps so much under four layers of Tudor finery but that is another story.

Things are at rest with The Matchbox for now but two of our stalwarts Dot Pullan, last seen in ‘Murder Deferred’ and the award winning James Mercer who has been enjoying a few months away with Beckenham Theatre Centre, will be appearing in the grand event advertised aboce. This collaboration between members of Bromley Theatre Guild sees four performances of a highly anticipated production of Alan Bennet’s adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind in the Willows’. Set in the open air in the grounds of Hayes Secondary School this would be an ideal way to experience some great theatre at this time of year and, bringing as it does the talent from so many theatre groups across the local area, it promises a treat. Hopefully some of you might get the chance to see Dot and James at the end of next week and I’d be interested to hear from any who do.

Back with The Matchbox, new adventures beckon across the next couple of weeks and, all being well, I may be able to finally reveal some hot off the press information about next year’s season at the start of August. Til then though, enjoy that sun.


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