Little Dickens

So, things are finally underway. As blogged previously, The Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company ™ are gathering once again, one year on from its triumph with the ‘Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged)’ and this year we intend to bring you a whistle stop tour through the world’s greatest books. Not all of them of course, there’s only so much four actors can pack into 99 minutes, but 89 of them- which is two more than was reported previously so look at that as a bargain!  By Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor with additional material by Matthew Croke and Michael Faulkner, members of the world renowned Reduced Shakespeare Company, this production promises to be in a similar vein to last year’s except bigger and better. That means  more of everything, in a sort of reduced type way-  more costumes, more props, more swashbuckling, more special effects,  more dazzling visuals, more sound and more balls (you’ll see what I mean you naughty minded people!) than ever before! It is early days but if we can harness the alchemy from last year’s work then it should be a magnificent mixture of comedy, interactive adventure and, if we’re lucky, educational insights into some of the greatest books ever written since the advent of literature. Details of the syllabus will be revealed as the weeks go on but rest assured there are some firm favourites on there, alongside a few classics that you may never have heard of. Rest assured that our job will be to make sure you never forget them once we have brought them your way in December.

More details will emerge in the next few days as well as photos, a trailer and video footage over the coming months. And talking of that I hope very soon to revisit the nostalgia factory and offer a few more photosets of Matchbox productions, some  recent and a few not so, alongside details of our upcoming Open Evening on Sunday 6th October, though information can be found out on our site at

Thus, I look forward to catching up with you fairly regularly over the next few weeks in these interesting and exciting times and to welcoming a few more of you to these pages and to the Matchbox itself in the very near future. Until then though, all the best


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