Recruitment Retrospectives

Well, wasn’t that a good night.

I think it is universally agreed that our recruitment gathering on Sunday was a success. Successful in the number of people who came along from a variety of age groups, some of whom are now I hope reading these words; successful in its bonhomie and convivial atmosphere which is always welcome on a Sunday evening; successful in the interest shown by so many of our guests and successful as a celebration of what we do so well, with a marvellous retrospective of posters and photos going right back to the first ever Matchbox production ‘The Happiest Days of Your Life’ way back in 1981. It was also nice to showcase a taster of our latest work, the forthcoming ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’. And though it was all rather spontaneous and thus far we have only looked at it twice in rehearsal, it was encouraging to see and hear the warm response that it received. There is a lot of work that we need to do, we only finished blocking the play yesterday, but I think it is fair to say that we are all optimistic that it is going to be a real treat and a great way to get into December. So, thanks to all who helped out and, more importantly, thanks to you who came along and who are keen to help out. As said on the night, audition notices will be going out in the next few days for our March production of ‘The Accrington Pals’ as well as requests for help in all aspects of what is set to be an ambitious production for March of 2014. Tomorrow I will be dipping into the archives and spending some time ‘Under the Stars’, certainly a boredom buster while I try to keep this leg elevated, and hope to join you there at some point soon. In the meantime have a great day and/or night, take care and catch you soon.

M x