Happy Halloween!

ATGB Promo

I trust that you are well on this rather drab day and enjoyed a few recollections of our Shakespearean paranormal activities in yesterday’s post. Today though, pretty much hot off the (virtual) presses, I am delighted to reveal the first of the promotional materials for our upcoming ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’. I am certain many of you will be familiar with the inspiration behind it and am sure you will also notice the new logo for our ‘Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company’.

Formed last year for our ‘Compleat Works’, this group has become something of a spin off project focussed upon very distinct sorts of theatrical experience, which we hope will continue to evolve, grow and appear in various guises over forthcoming years. What that experience actually entails, well if you saw last December’s work then I am sure you will have a very good idea. If not then keep checking in over the next month, there will be more details, a trailer and pictures coming in the very near future; and then buy yourself some tickets, the box office will be opening soon!

And on that note as 12:00 draws near (midday- not quite the Witching Hour I know), I will leave you to whatever supernatural, spooky or, if you are like me and just think of the day as October 31st, non-All Hallows Eve based adventures you have ahead of you and will report back tomorrow.

Take care
M x