A Monday Matter of Mumbling

The Great Gatsby

Finally back to work after a good two months of getting to grips with the ankle inury so that might lead to a slight curtailing of posts to the blog. That stated, with the countdown to ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’ well and truly on (tickets on sale now) you can be sure I’ll be tuning in as regularly as I can and will be publishing an update in the next few days. Also, I hope I’ll have more news regarding the casting for next year’s ‘Accrington Pals’ and, hopefully, another dip into the archive. In the meantime, having referenced Immogen Stubbs in the previous post I thought this little article from earlier in the year might prove an interesting read: http://gu.com/p/3gna2

One thing I feel fairly certain of is that the mumbling actor is not a regular on our stage but maybe you might think otherwise!

Happy Monday and will catch you later.

M x

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