Standing on the Soapbox


(Sorry, I thought this had been published yesterday. Don’t know what happened there.)

Although this blog is primarily for the purpose of celebrating the work of The Matchbox both past and present occasionally I think it important to open it up a bit to focus on broader issues of a dramatic nature. Many of us involved with the group are passionate about drama and realise its importance on so many levels. It is therefore disturbing to read of proposals to remove it from the curriculum at GCSE alongside a number of key and important subjects:

Now I know that I am a teacher, a teacher of Film and Media Studies at that, and so have a particular interest in this, and believe me the first draft of this was something of a polemic! Nonetheless perhaps those of you not in the profession are not aware of such worrying proposals thus I don’t feel bad in flagging them up. I will, however, save my spleen venting for my occasional outbursts on Facebook, the Matchblog is a happy place after all! Instead I will simply draw your attention to another blog which is focussed on just this matter and hope that maybe you might look in, perhaps follow, and even offer an opinion yourself.

Must get back to it but hope you are having a spiffing Wednesday. More from Matchbox front line tomorrow.

M x