Egads, one week from now we will be into the first dress rehearsal for ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’. Tickets have been selling well so now really is the time to order them if you haven’t already done so, sales invariably go up at this stage of the game and I would hate for you to be disappointed at what promises to be a hilarious night out. Details are available on our website:

In the meantime here is a taste of thirty of the texts to expect during the evening:

Alice in Wonderland
Animal Farm
Brave New World
The Canterbury Tales
A Christmas Carol
Don Quixote
The Great Gatsby
Green Eggs and Ham
Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s
Heart of Darkness
Hound of the Baskervilles
Huckleberry Finn
Little Women
Lord of the Flies
Moby Dick
The Odyssey
One Flew Over The Cuckooʼs Nest
Plato’s Republic
Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary
The Satanic Verses
A Tale of Two Cities
The Three Musketeers
Treasure Island
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Valley of the Dolls
War and Peace
The Wizard of Oz

I’ll share another thirty with you a litle later on in the week. And again, let me make it clear, NO prior knowledge of any of these books is required. It is our job to bestow that upon you, done in the inimitable style of The Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company.

In other news, I continue to be befuddled with technology so STILL no new pics, just one of yours truly to act as a place holder and a reminder that this is an MSSC production and you know what that means…

Catch you later on in the week.