The time draws closer. A week today the first night of ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’ would have been and gone. To give you another taste of what’s to be expected I’ll shortly be revealing the next thirty books.

BUT… before you get to that I thought it might be nice to share with you a few photos that I meant to post last year whilst we were doing ‘The Complete Works’ when our friend Jane Darnbrough at Reptile Events dropped us a line offering the services of a few of her virtuouso performers to play Cleopatra’s asp! Regrettably they were too big for the part and though, at one point, whilst considering offering them starring roles in The Garden of Eden scene from The Bible this year, it had to be deleted and so these serpentine stars were once again unable to join us. Who knows though, maybe we’ll do ‘The Great Movies’ sometime and look at ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, now there would be a scene!

I seem to have a problem remembering things at the moment – and thanks Vicky for solving last week’s maid mystery in ‘Night Must Fall’- so if you are reading this Jane perhaps you could drop a line and pass on the names for our possible stars of the future. But it is the present that occupies the mind and with technical and dress rehearsals imminent it’s all systems go. Thus here’s a taste of what else is to come next week. The remaining 29 await revelation which I may fling your way next week but in the meantime scan these greats and have a wonderful weekend.

The Aeneid
Anna Karenina
The Brothers Karamazov
The Count of Monte Cristo
Crime and Punishment
David Copperfield
Death in Venice
Diary of Anne Frank
The Divine Comedy
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Fifty Shades of Grey
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Gone With The Wind
The Grapes of Wrath
Great Expectations
Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Iliad
The Invisible Man
Of Mice and Men
Oliver Twist
On The Road
The Origin of Species
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Pride and Prejudice
Wuthering Heights

M x