Your Theatre Group Needs You

kitchenerWell, the first dress rehearsal is done and we have but one more whizz through all those great books tomorrow before the curtain goes up on Thursday. Rest assured I will be updating with a pre match write up and hope to see some of you there on the 5th, 6th or 7th.

The main purpose behind today’s post is, however, looking to the future. As many of you know our March production will be ‘The Accrington Pals’ and there have been a steady drip feed of auditions and meetings since the 10th November. I am almost ready to announce the cast but we are STILL looking for a young woman to play Eva.

A reminder of the character:
Eva Mason (19 – mid/late 20s), a farm girl and Ralph’s girlfriend, who moves into Town to takes over Tom’s role on the stall. A good listener, she becomes May’s confidante. Warm-hearted and genuine, this character has ‘a lovely voice’ and needs to sing a short solo.

If you are a female who fits this age category, who can sing and would be comfortable with a medium size part- you will certainly not be needed at all rehearsals- or you know anyone who might fit this bill then please get an email to me at or drop me a line here and we can sort something there. It would be great to post a cast for our next production before the last bow is taken on our current one…

But more on THAT on the morrow.

Have a great Tuesday and see you then.

M x

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