Behold the latest branding for The Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company. As well as the new logo created by Vicky Pierce that adorns our MSSC publicity, we have this new ident to give a spot of Hollywood style which is more than appropriate for our labours. Executed by a very good friend of mine, Mark Parsons, this affectionate tribute to MGM replaces Leo the Lion with the visage of Dylan the Dog, a true mascot for our endeavours. And such endeavours are nearly over The last rehearsal for ATGB is done and I have to say, I am very excited.

Now, of course I am going to say that, I have been working on this with the rest of the team for nearly three months but I genuinely believe that it is going to be a great night of entertainment. There are a few tickets left for each night but they are selling quickly as audience members’ customary realisation of the need to buy tickets kicks in. So if you want an uplifting night out where you can sit back and be entertained with 107 minutes of quick fire comedy scintillating special effects, singing, dancing, a little audience participation and 89 of the greatest books ever written (levels of greatness may vary) for just SIX POUNDS then get yourselves down to St Francis church hall in West Wickham on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You know it makes sense and it would make Dylan very happy.

There is a reason why this play had such a great West End run and you will find that out if you come to ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’. Hope to see you there.

M x