We are The Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company…


Forgive me, I drifted off a bit there. Unfortunately the leg has been a little gammy over the past couple of days hence my rather tardy celebration of ‘All the Great Books (abridged)’. But suffice to say it was, as Thursday night’s performance boded, a hugely successful run that was enjoyed by the majority who came along. And now, like that, (clicking metaphorical fingers) it is done! It always seems bizarre, all those months of work and then in three nights it is finished. Nonetheless, it was certainly worth it to have filled the church hall with laughter and provide a great night for so many people, ourselves included. Although it is an odd experience watching on as a director knowing that one’s work was done…

Anyway, there was much appreciation from me to all involved during the post show curry afterwards and an avowal to do it all again sometime soon. And with that in mind thoughts must turn to our next play, ‘The Accrington Pals’. There are still some issues ongoing there, although hopefully a resolution will be provided soon. And that is not to say that ‘ATGB (ab.)’ is completely done with- photos will be posted in the next couple of days and I hope to have a review by the weekend. Indeed, if anyone reading this feels like submitting a thought or two or even four then you would be most welcome. In the meaantime have a happy Tuesday, I am hobbling off to see Black Sabbath. Catch you later.

Oh, and The Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company WILL return!


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