On with the show!

Well, hello again. And a belated Happy New year to you all. I trust the Christmas season was suitably festive and provided some sort of opportunity to refresh for 2014 which is now well and truly upon us. January can of course be something of a gloomy month, particularly with the weather we’ve been having of late, but the Matchblog is back online and hopefully that will provide a moment or two of sunshine in amongst the drear. It’s certainly set to be a busy year; the archive is brimming with nostalgia and many a pic from productions past, a few interesting stories and articles lie in store as well as, of course, news of our next production. This latter has not been as smooth a process as I would have hoped but, fingers crossed, all will be revealed at the weekend.

So, hopefully I will see a few of you at the AGM on Sunday and many more of you as the year goes on but suffice to say, we’re back and busy. I hope you will take opportunity to look in from time to time, take care, be well and here’s to a fantastic year of theatre at St Francis.

M x

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