Happy Birthday to Us

Well, who would have though it? A year ago today, inspired by how easy it was to set up one of these ‘ere blog things, I sat in my classroom during the Easter holiday and coined the first ever Matchblog, at least in this format. And here we are 365 days down the line!

It has evolved a little bit since first it was conceived, more nostalgia than I first imagined, an occasional theatrical article here and there and the odd reference to groups not Matchbox, but this can only be a good thing. Membership has gradually increased – although I hope the next 365 days will see the good word spread further afield and even more will ‘follow’ – and it is pleasing to see a steady flow of visitors to the site. I do regret not being able to attend to it as much as I would like, it was something of a golden age whilst I was convalescing, contradiction in terms as that is, and I would dearly love more and more people to contribute in the shape of articles and reminiscences. But, all in all, it has been a good year for the blog, and another very good one for the group. So, with that in mind, happy first anniversary to the site, and what better way to leave things than with a few shots from our recent sell out success, ‘The Government Inspector.’

More of the same, coming soon.