Happy Birthday Bill

Well, following my last post it’s back with another anniversary, although a wee bit lengthier than a year. Yes, if you weren’t aware already, today is Shakespeare’s 450 birthday! All manner of events seem to be taking place to celebrate the occasion and, as I have said previously, we will be doing our bit at the Matchbox in our July production, auditions for which will be taking place this evening. More details will be posted in the near future but in the meantime, in honour of the occasion, a dip back into the nostalgia file and a selection of images from our 2004 Normanhurt Festival’s, ‘As You Like It’.

Another hugely successful production this was much enjoyed by audiences for its gentle good humour, whimsical crossdressing, slapstick buffoonery, music and song and John Mackintosh’s marvellous rendering of ‘All the World’s a Stage’. I have other abstract memories of twin Jerrys, Joan’s portrayal of hymen, bathed in light, Gill’s outrageouz French accent, showers of rose petals and Mike D’s manly wrestling. Nonetheless, the standout of my nostalgia was the Saturday night/Sunday morning inspection of Chateau Evans’ wine cellar…which might account for why so many other memories are abstract.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Will, and ‘cry God for Harry, England and St George.’

Oh and if you are interested in things Shakespeare here are a handful of splendid webpages with a few interesting things to add on the matter:







M x

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