On, on you brave Englishmen

I understand that there is some big event in the next few weeks that ISN’T our ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’, something to do with football?! It is not something that I will be really tuning into but in the same week that we heard the sad news of Rik Mayall’s passing I thought it worth posting this link. You may not be fans of football, and may not be fans of Mayall but there is a link to Shakespeare there and in the same week that we have faced adversity of our own with ‘Henry V’ that is reason enough to post it. For myself, I really quite like it, and I hope that it enjoys a little success for so many reasons, not least because it is a wonderful homage to one of the finest speeches in the Bard’s works, though I know Matchbox purists will loathe it. Take it or leave it, download it or pass it by, it’s a simple case of what you will but be sure I will be back next week with further news of our own adventures

Come on you Eng-er-land!