Brush Up Your Shakespeare – the Movie

Well just over a week has passed: the lights are taken down, the hall is cleared up, the set stowed away and our celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary and 95th production has well and truly come to an end.

That is not to say we are done with it here. Photos and a review are inbound for the very near future but, in the meantime, please find attached a link to the recording of the Thursday night’s performance. It is, I’ll be the first to say, rough around the edges at the mo and a lot of the time looks like it’s a Slender Man outing on the Titanic (And for those of you not wholly savvy with your internet memes and urban legends it means that it’s at an angle with a lot of moments when lights obscure faces.) but I hope to replace it with a more polished version from the Saturday performance. At the very least it’s my hope to get a few scenes from that night online.

In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy a flavour of the show, and if nowt else it brings back a few choice moments from what was a splendid production. Take care, keep well and I will be back mighty soon with pics and a few collected thoughts in review.

Until later
M x