Brush up your Snakespeare

Following the publication of the Thursday night’s show, here is the first of a number of clips from the Saturday night. Unfortunately the whole show was not recorded and a large part of the first half was shot at the same distance and angle as the previous recording, though at better quality. I was, however, able to record a lot of the second half from the sound desk and resultantly could get much closer to the action.

Now, it isn’t perfect by a long shot- there are some jarring zooms and movements which, hopefully, will be cut when the refined version is finished, and, much as I tried, it was difficult holding things steady, the problems of lacking a tripod, and up close and personal those handheld shots seem altogether more shakey. However, this footage does offer a more intimate take on the proceedings and does away with some of the problems from the Thursday night white outs.

It is a first, though I still have other footage up my sleeve which I will try to publish in due time, and, like all things here, more presented for nostalgia than artistry, so please bear that in mind. That stated, I will leave you with this snippet which sees the introduction of our latest members, Jane Darnbrough, Emma Tolmie and, of course, Citrine as they, amongst more regular faces, tackle the challenges of ‘Anthony & Cleopatra’…


M x