Well, another hurried visit just to say that things are still ticking over and the Matchblog hasn’t been forgotten. The past few weeks have seen me somewhat preoccupied with another project at the Little Theatre in Bromley, the darkly funny and deliriously surreal, Stalin starring play ‘Collaborators’, hence my somewhat Soviet theme for today. I won’t wax lyrical about it on here, suffice just to leave with a link if you were interesting in finding out anything else about the piece: http://bromleylittletheatre.org/?page_id=3533

In Matchbox news, however, rehearsals for this December’s ‘The Winslow Boy’ continue to roll on with the cast now working closely on nuancing their characters and bringing out the tensions in this gripping and popular legal drama, myself included…once I have learnt the bloomin’ lines! A more thorough on set report will be coming to this site in the next couple of weeks alongside some insightful rehearsal photos. In the meantime here’s hoping you are all well and will be picking up your tickets for that show as soon as.


M x