Brilliant! Brilliant! But they never do disappoint.

Not my words but those of an audience member leaving tonight’s performance of ‘The Winslow Boy’.  Yes, the second night of the show proved another evening of engaging drama, humour and emotion and, for myself, I can say it was, again,  a real pleasure being on stage this evening. An attentive audience, a wonderful energy from the cast and some truly electrifying moments on stage, it seems such a shame that by this time tomorrow it will all be done. Sometimes it would be great to have a couple more nights to our run. But, no use lamenting that, instead it’s best to look forward to tomorrow night.

And by way of a bonus feature to celebrate a wonderful evening, a little nugget recovered from two years ago today. Thought unrecoverable and therefore lost, the first portion of our December 2012 production, ‘The Compleat Works of Wm. Shakspre (abridged)’ discovered just this very afternoon.

Enjoy and I will catch up with more from the past and the final performance of ‘Winslow’ in the very near future.

M x

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