An Evening with The Winslows

And so, preparations for ‘The Winslow Boy’ moves into its final stages and, even though as one of the cast I do say so myself, it is set to provide another first class evening of theatre. With a powerful fusion of tense drama and comic relief, this is a piece that appeals on both the intellectual and emotional levels; entertaining but also prompting thought and offering questions  that, hopefully, will keep the audience thinking for a while after the curtain has gone down. It is also a damn well written piece. As I think I said a while back, there is good reason that Rattigan is seen as one of the true greats of British theatre in the 20th century and why this play is seen as one of his finest works.

Tickets have long been sold out for this Friday night but there are still a handful left for Thursday and Saturday so if you fancy a healthy dose of character driven drama at a very reasonable £6 to kick-start your weekend, and let’s face it who doesn’t, then get in touch with the box office on 0845 680 4568 while they are still available.

More from the Winslow residence in the next couple of days.