Mission Statement 2015


Having just published the statistics for last year’s Matchblog it is very encouraging to see that it is getting some mileage and is proving a useful tool in order to support the group’s activities. More members would always be welcome however and if you are not officially ‘following’ it then please click the appropriate link on the page and join in, there really are no  obligations and it will keep you linked with every new development taking place within the Matchbox. Even if you are a follower it would be great if you could get the word out so we can boost the numbers and make it a lively forum for the group, there really are no strings attached. That said contributions are always welcomed and if anyone has any anecdotes, memories, photos, news or tales that they wish to publish then that would be more than welcomed here. Also if there are any budding Kenneth Tynan’s, Michael Billington’s or Lyn Gardner’s out there who would like to help in the reviewing process that also would be welcome, it is no onerous task and it would give opportunity to see your words publicised on these pages. Just drop me a line if you are interested.

I am really hoping to push the blog forward this year and with members’ help think we can make it an even more successful feature of the Matchbox experience in 2015. And with that it is back to the real world and the workplace but more news of forthcoming events to come in the very near future.



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