Rehearsals are well underway for our March production, ‘Mary Stuart’. Epic in scope, this historical piece set during the last days of Mary Queen of Scots (played by K Isom), explores manifold themes which are as pertinent today as ever they have been- devotion and duty, patriotism, religious zealotry, terrorism and the relationship betwixt the auld enemies Scotland and England. At its core the play focusses on the complex relationship between Mary and Queen Elizabeth (Gill Challenger), and the dealings of those men and women politicking and manipulating behind the scenes each with their own very specific agendas- honourable, misguided or wholly corrupt.

Jeremy Sams’ punchy, contemporary translation of Schiller’s seminal work provides plenty of opportunity for  cast to sink their teeth into some meaty, complex characters and powerful scenes.  Taking my directorial cues from George R Martin’s series of novels, and the hugely successful television series, after which this post has been named, ‘Mary Stuart’ is set to be an engaging, dramatic and compelling piece of theatre building on the considerable success of last year’s season. More details will, of course, follow but do keep an eye on this space, I can promise a lot more to come.

Stay tuned


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