You Win or You Die


First dress rehearsal done. And I am excited!

Of course it is very easy for me to say that as director but this is typically a nervous time, the point when one hopes that everything falls into place: the lights, the sound, the set, the costume and the performers themselves- the alchemy of theatre if I may wax lyrical. It wasn’t flawless; being a slightly superstitious sort I would be worried if it had been(although, that said, my superstitions do seem to gravitate around cigarettes and Red Bull rather than utterances of certain Scottish plays). But it felt good.

I have little idea whether these words have an impact on audiences, and most likely you either are going to see it or not going whatever I write, but I started this year talking of the success of ‘The Winslow Boy’, a stunning conclusion to last year and my hopes that this would be a successor that would continue the current superb run within the theatre; I sincerely believe it does. Visually appealing, emotional, passionate, vibrant and exciting, this covers all such bases. Yes, I do hyperbolise on occasion  as many a blogger is wont to do, but with this I feel that I can say without exaggeration once again the group has excelled. The final dress rehearsal awaits tonight and tomorrow I will ruminate on that but all I can say is that if you have not got a ticket, if you like good old fashioned historical drama, if the reference is the title is not lost to you and if you can make Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, you will be hard pressed to find a better two and a half hours for six quid!

Until tomorrow.

M x

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