Well, here I am in my classroom once more, in the same space that this blog was first produced two years ago. It has seen a steady drip feed of anecdotes, tales, photos, memories and stories and a contribution or two over the past 730 days and all I can hope is that you, the reader, find it a useful companion/talking point/source of nostalgia (delete where applicable) for all the hard work that goes on within the group. That work continues apace and news of our next production will hopefully be with you soon but in the meantime I’d just like to thank you for reading and supporting these words.

Oh and by way of a present I shall be offering a couple of extra trinkets later on today; firstly a review and photos from our last play ‘Mary Stuart’ and then a little nostalgic offering to round the day off.

Here’s to the next couple of years. Have a great day.


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