Extra Curricular Activities

One of the standout aspects of community theatre in the local area is the number of groups packed into such a tight space. Little wonder that occasionally Matchbox members are wont to ply their trade elsewhere. Just last week I was knocked out by the extraordinary ‘Compleat Female Stage Beauty’ at Bromley Little Theatre, a Restoration romp and so much more, with James Mercer on fine form as a suitably dandified King Charles II. And tonight the curtain goes up at Theatre 62 where some of our newer members, Adam Benwell, Charles Langdon and Nat McCloskey will be appearing in ‘Experiment with an Air Pump’ (https://theatre62.wordpress.com/).The very best to them all for a great run. And ironically the guys will be going up against each other in the Bromley Theatre Guild Full Length Play Festival so further good wishes to them all for that.
You may, of course, be asking where the Matchbox entry for that event is but that, gentle reader, is a whole different post, a whole different post entirely…
It is however the read through for our summer show tonight and, if the audition is anything to go by, it’s set to be a lot of fun. I am excited and will be sure to bring more details of that in the very near future but suffice to say we’re back into the realms of comedy and a marvelous fiction is in store.
Until next time
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One thought on “Extra Curricular Activities

  1. Yes – have fun guys with the the Theatre 62 production, see you there. In other news, the read through last night for the latest Matchbox production was, suffice it to say, hilarious!!! But more detail anon, from Mr Sav!

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