If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an…

Improbable Fiction (Click here)

Well, it has been a time in coming but finally, a chance to sit down in front of the computer and reflect on the past few weeks. And a busy few weeks they have been. As already highlighted, a lot of activity has been afoot. Mid-May saw our usual Matchbox contingent represented at the St Christopher’s Hospice Fun Walk, and a welcome posting it was. Many footsore travellers wholly enjoyed the opportunity to take a breather, water  pets and listen to Tim offering his now traditional interpretations of Shakespeare alongside a number of other representatives from the group helping out on this most important event. I hope some photos might be available soon but again, many congratulations and commendations to all who took part including, if I am not mistaken, our very own K Isom, once more with her sister Rebecca.

Congratulations also go to some of the younger members of the group- Adam Benwell, Charles Langdon, James Mercer and Nat McCloskey- all of whom gave a first class account of themselves in last March’s Mary Stuart as well as in a number of other past plays. They each received nominations either in the Bromley or Kent Festivals of Drama with Nat winning best actor under 21 and the rest of the guys achieving laudable runners up awards. Who knows, maybe they might be representing the Matchbox in festival next year.

With the future in mind a lot of time has been spent sorting out the sheds and making sure that the extensive properties, furnishing, trinkets and technical gewgaws are catalogued and accessible. Anyone who has spent anytime in the sheds will realise what a  Herculean task that is. But, co-ordinated by our stage managing trinity of Mike, Clive and Alan with assistance from many members of the group, the sheds have now been made far more manageable  which will hopefully make things a little more straightforward in terms of preparation for productions to come.

And talking of the future, you have probably received word that next week will see curtain up on our summer play, Alan Ayckbourn’s Improbable Fiction.(click on the link at the top for further information) If you are not already aware of it, this is a marvellous comedy which captures the very best of the Bard from Scarborough.  On the one hand a comedy of middle class manners involving a very misfit writing group, each with their own idiosyncrasies, troubles and writing interest: much hilarity arises from their at odds approaches, personality clashes and the absurd situations that arise from them. That said, for those who want to look for it, there is a degree of pathos in each of these individual’s lives which alludes to more serious matter, though comedy is definitely foregrounded here.

And then things take a turn into the decidedly curious as ideas and styles mash up providing a fusion of literary genres, ideas and stagecraft that has not been seen for a while. In the vein of very clever farce with lots to keep one guessing – murder, mystery, dread, poverty and penury, alien invasion and… Doblin the Goblin – this is a show not to be missed. Tickets are selling fast though so if you want to see what it is all about  get a move on, there are still some available but this could very well be a sell out.

So, look forward to seeing many of you there.

Until next time

M x


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