What’s it all about?


‘Creative writing (is)..a fusion, a reorganizing of past memories, our own- sometimes other people’s even-‘

Thus says Arnold, one of the protagonists of ‘Improbable Fiction, and if you are lucky you might even hear something like those words spoken on the nights of the play!

However, for now, they serve as a useful  introduction to Ayckbourne’s sometime surrealistic, occasionally farcical, continually hysterical play about writers, writing and the creative process. A melding of oddball characters, a tinge of the bitter and sweet, a hefty slice of comedy and a reworking of genres that I defy you to find in any other play suitable for Thursday night theatre in West Wickham, these three nights of theatre at St Francis are just what one needs for the summertime blues. Science fiction, Bronte-esque melodramatics, murder mystery and fairy tale all come together in a marvellous tour de force that I guarantee will have audiences rolling in the aisles. So, if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet then get to it, opening night tomorrow and I think this is one you won’t want to miss.

M x