Popular ‘Fiction’ Part1

Well, the first night of ‘Improbable Fiction’ done and the reception couldn’t have been warmer-and I am not talking about the temperature!! (Though that was a smidgen torrid I must say)

The magic of Ayckbourn and The Matchbox together, again worked a treat as, in spite of the heat, the nearly full house delighted in an evening of uproarious comedy. The laughter  came thick and fast and the plaudits and commendations on the back of the show have thus far been marvellous. Easy for me to say, but I feel confident that the majority of our audience would agree- this is one not to miss! Okay, no question it is an off the wall experience but it’sa hilarious one, a definite game of two halves with more than its fair share of surprises.

Labour it I may, but I defy anyone to find as splendid value for money for a night of entertainment in the local area: the price of a pint and a half for nearly two and a half hours of wonderful comedy! Very hard to beat!

Tickets are still available for both tonight and tomorrow so get hold of one of you can. Hope to see you there. You will not be disappointed.

M x