Popular ‘Fiction’ Part 2: The Slough of Desponde


There comes a point about twenty two hours after the curtain comes down when the bereftness kicks in.

That point is just about…now: The brain has become attuned to the fact that it should be commencing the pre show rituals – whether rehearsing lines, quiet meditation, listening to inspirational soundtracks, eating a sausage roll or gargling filthy energy drinks- and now there is no need. But it is not just that Pavlovian effect that causes such emptiness, sadness even; that last ripple of applause firmly indicates that it is all over! The weeks of work, the learning of lines, the construction of props and sets, the camaraderie, the highs, the lows, the reason for throwing a bunch of people together up close and personal for the best part of three months is at an end -and it can be devestating. People with whom one has shared one’s life, more so than with loved ones on occasion, suddenly become strangers or acquaintances again and the project in which all have immersed themselves has become so much ephemera, memories and anecdotes. An existential crisis waiting to happen…

Okay, okay, I know I am getting a little carried away here, it isn’t quite as bad as that. And we are lucky at the Matchbox with its close knit family feel, that many we work with are true friendsĀ  but the sense of emptiness at 7:21 on this Sunday 5th July is heavy because saying farewell to ‘Improbable Fiction’ has been tough. There is no question it was a winner with audiences as well as with everyone involved. The laughter echoing round the hall on three hot and humid nights was a marvellous reward for all the efforts thrown in and vindication of Vicky’s vision and direction from characterisation to the elaborate props so integral to the show. As always a review will be published in the very near future along with a selection of photos now there is no danger of spoilers but in the meantime if you spot anyone involved with the play wandering with a slightly mournful look on their face and incanting lines and words that have no real significance, maybe now you will spare them a brief thought as they deal with those good old fashioned summer play blues!

Until next time.

M x