Well the summer is definitely upon us which is typically a quiet time for the Matchbox, and it is once again set to be very much that over the next few weeks: one of the advantages of not having our own space is that there is not the typical need to tiday and maintain that tends to preoccupy many theatre groups when they ‘go dark’ over the summer. That said, a lot of work in that direction was carried out a couple of months back and we are in great shape for the rest of the year and the forthcoming 2016 season.

Yes, next year is going to be a particularly special one for The Matchbox seeing us put on our 100th production, enjoying our 35th anniversary, commemorating the 400th year since the Bard’s death as well as a couple of other pieces of big news which must remain veiled in secrecy for now but which I can assure you, will be worth the wait.

That is not to say that all will be quiet and at some point during the next month, auditions will be taking place for the productions that are going to round off this year. But more of those anon.

I shall leave you instead with the final words on our summer success, of which much has been said. But I think the general response to ‘Improbable Fiction’ is beautifully summed up in this lovely letter to Vicky, the director, from one of our regular playgoers. I present it here it is in its entirety:

Once again I feel I must write to thank you for the very enjoyable performance of “Improbable Fiction” which I saw on Thursday evening.

I loved your production of “The Winslow Boy” and you kept up the high standard again with a different genre of play and a different setting. What is so admirable about your productions is the attention to detail. One accepts that the cast will be well-chosen and will give good performances, but it is so good that in your productions, all departments are given close attention. I sat at the stage-end of the front row, only a few yards from where the ‘prop’ telephone was placed. I still don’t know how it kept going and coming, although I fixed my eyes on its position during the blackouts. There was no sign of a stage-hand moving about, so I have come to the conclusion that it was magic, but very well rehearsed magic! Another surprising touch was the real steaming coffee delivered by Ilsa. Again, I was very near the table on which it was poured out, so I can vouch for its reality.

All the props were amazing, especially X5TR It must have taken a lot of planning and practice to get that right and what a lovely ending to the play with the space capsule! Backstage, the dressers did a wonderful job to get all the changes of costume on time. Your production was a brilliant team effort with everyone contributing, and I loved it. Thank you and your talented members of the Matchbox Theatre for giving me so much pleasure.

Enjoy the sun and see you soon.

M x