The Turn of the Screw


So what lurks in the shadows of the Matchbox Theatre, spoken of yet largely unseen, glimpsed but not fully revealed? The time has come to unveil this apparition of darkness and the next event on our theatrical calendar, our’ Entertainment for Halloween’.

In a break with the conventional three performances a year, the 30th and 31st October will see the return of the Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company and a selection of macabre tales, eerie events and spine chilling stories in keeping with the Halloween season. Formed as a banner under which  slightly more alternative products might be performed, the MSSC, just as the RSC from whom it takes an element or two of its name, does not deal wholly in Shakespeare (although the Bard might well make an appearance into the evening’s activities) and instead the evening will be a more informal collection of tales from a variety of sources. Cabaret in style,  patrons will be afforded opportunity to eat and drink whilst enjoying a selection of readings and performances from the literary canon of tales ghostly and imaginative, culminating in the main event, a powerful and brooding rendering of Henry James classic psychological ghost story The Turn of the Screw.

Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, screenwriter of such films as The Duchess and the recent Ian McKellen movie Mr Holmes alongside many highly successful plays for theatre, this late Victorian novella is condensed into just over an hour and is told by but two actors using minimal set, props and sound, evoking atmosphere from lighting and the performers themselves. That those two actors are K isom and James Mercer should only further convince any reader familiar with their work that this is an evening not to be missed and one that, whendone, will leave plenty to discuss as the witching hour draws near.

In the spirit of ‘bar shows’ or ‘weekend slots’ hosted by other groups in the community this is not  an ‘also ran’ event but a piece as well prepared, rehearsed and designed as any that have gone on during the year with two truly outstanding performances at its heart. The tales you will hear are the classic stories with which so many of us have grown up: this is not a night of lunatics in hockey masks or with gloves made out of razors but of classic tales that your grandparents would tell huddled round the fire in the dead of night, albeit with a modern twist. There is something here for everyone, whatever age, colour, creed or belief and there is no question that this will be a marvellous complement to an already successful year at the Matchbox, and a great way to enjoy the two nights before All Hallows. We hope that you will be there.

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