So, The Railway Children steams off into the distance and on to the pages of Matchbox history. And, as expected, the reports and feedback were universally full of praise. Once again, another evening of magic, innovation and enjoyment was provided at St Francis Church hall.

As one would expect, the show was characterised by typically strong performances, although special mention should go to Lily Pearce, Adam Benwell,  and Emma Tolmie, the Children themselves, who sustained believable characters and emotional pace to charm and engage an appreciative audience. Accompanied by many wonderful cameos from a variety of Matchbox stalwarts, here was an evening which showcased the consistent talent that are to be found in the group’s ranks.

Recreating the railway and countryside around Three Chimneys was obviously no small feat but as the photos above show, the hall was transformed- with tunnels, steam and an innovative track which was rolled in and out with deft hands and expert swiftness.Indeed, many commented on the slick nature of the scene changing and cracking pace that was maintained throughout. With a unique positioning of seats the audience were very much at the heart of the action as it unfolded around them so that they were allowed to be fully immersed into the classic, endearing story.

Undeniably then, another triumph and one that brings to an end another successful and varied year for the group. All involved deserve the plaudits heaped upon the play, the bar has been raised  for the year to come.

But more of that anon.

Happy Friday!