“Last week seems like last year…”

And so ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ is done, a warm memory fading into the distance, and we wait now until June 24th to see how it performed in the Bromley  Theatre Guild Annual Festival.

Of course, that is a secondary concern and of much more importance was how it went down with our own audiences. And, as said in my previous post, those audiences could not have been more warm, supportive and encouraging. Testament to that was in the number of people, many Matchbox stalwarts but some newcomers, who remained to hear the adjudication after the curtain came down on Saturday. But just as much, it came from the interaction, liveliness and laughter which characterised all three sell out nights.

It has become a regular thing to hear ‘It was the best thing you have ever done’ from at least one viewer after a show (which means that either we as a group are getting better with age or that theatre is a subjective experience – there’s that blog idea again!). But whether better, best or not, it is clear that it was enjoyed by the majority, and that really has to be one of the key purposes behind doing what we do- for us to enjoy it (difficult as that may seem to believe during some of the many fraught moments that go on behind the scenes) and, as importantly in my opinion, for the audience to enjoy it. The many positive comments that I have received in my Inbox or anecdotally is testament to the fact that many did.

And so, we wait until June 24th. The wheels are already turning on our summer production and more of that anon, but for now, thank you all who watched and who were involved in what, for me, will be a memorable production (our 99th if the countdown in the back of the programme -and my counting- is to believed, though it is an inexact science!). One which also welcomed many new faces to the group: Paul Ackroyd, Charis Anne Mostert, Chris Raven and, in her theatrical debut, Katy Showell. I know many genuinely hope that we will see them again at St. Francis’ in the very near future.


And, to round off,  a clutch of marvellous photos from Karen Warner that give a true flavour of the show that was ‘One Man, Two Guvnors.’

Be well and a very Happy Easter to all



Tomorrow (and Today) Looks Good From Here

It’s crazy to think that this time last week it was ‘hands on deck’, and for a number of us a full on day of painting, hammering and wallpapering, frantically trying to finish off the set of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors.’

And now it’s done.

An extremely enjoyable and crowd pleasing run to three packed houses and a very positive adjudication was the result. An unknown quantity, it was lovely to see so many of the audience remain behind to hear the thoughts and opinions of our visiting adjudicator Louise Manders and equally delightful to hear the many positive observations she made about the show. Constructive (and very slightly controversial and contradictory one might argue), the 20 or so minutes spent in her company after the curtain had closed was intriguing, engaging and rewarding after the many hours put in by cast and crew making the show such a fantastic experience.

And now it’s done.

I am sure that there will be many involved who will not know what to do with themselves today, probably around 8 o’clock;  I have already written about that feeling of bereftness that comes after the curtain has come down (https://matchboxtheatre.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/popular-fiction-part-2-the-slough-of-desponde/)  and I feel pretty sure that this play will be no different.But, to misquote our marvelous protagonist Francis, ‘We did it’. And hopefully entertained and amused over 300 people in the process.

This isn’t the final word on the play, of course, pictures and possibly some sort of review will follow. And of course there is thee grand presentation at the Bromley Theatre Guild this May/June.

But for now, it’s done.



One Night, Two Others

And so, the run has begun, and  our first night of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ seemed to prove tremendous fun for an appreciative audience. Two more to go, with, of course, our adjudication for Bromley Theatre Guild’s Play Festival on Saturday. A first for The Matchbox, who knows what will be in store. The key thing is that a packed house had a great night last night and we intend the same for the two sell out evenings to come. So, if you are coming tonight or tomorrow here’s a sneak preview of what to expect; if you don’t have a ticket but want to come there is no harm in contacting the box office and enquiring about returns. And if you did come yesterday then, as ever, feedback of any sort is welcome.

Take care, keep well and I’ll be back with you after the show is over.


Cooking up a Farce

It’s production week.’One Man, Two Guvnors’ finally makes its way to the stage after two and a half months preparation, and we are champing at the bit.

It hasn’t been easy but it is nigh upon ready for the three sell out houses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Fast paced, frenetic and farcical, rehearsals have gone by in a blur, as these photos clearly show:

It’s dress rehearsal tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes in the next couple of days.

M x