Three’s a Charm.

Amazing to think it but it’s the third anniversary of the Matchblog.

In that time the Matchbox have produced ten hugely varying productions, near our 100th production, welcomed many new members, said farewell to a handful of others, have rejoined the Bromley Theatre Guild and entered this year’s Play Festival.  The blog has given  numerous opportunities for reviews,  reflections on the past, retrospectives,  and occasionally responses amongst others tidbits of theatrical miscellanea. It might be a little bold in so doing but I feel safe in saying  that, in terms of productions and audiences, the group is at one of its strongest points in recent memory. With new sound technology in place, the promise of a new lighting set up, and who knows, maybe even something being done about the curtains, there is no reason why we can’t go from strength to strength in the years to come.

This blog initially served as a companion piece for the website, a means of drawing the group into the social media age, and an opportunity for one to wax lyrical every so often. That is, however, set to change. After a number of years as Webmaster, Alan has decided to step down from the job and so the former website will become redundant. This means therefore that the Blog will begin a process of some transformation as it takes on that role of Matchbox Theatre website. The posts will continue but, once I get my head around things,  I hope to organise things a little more coherently providing not only my ramblings but a more structured archive, news section and booking information. It will be a period of transition which will hopefully take place concurrently with our summer production, the Shakespearean tragic war epic and love story, ‘Troilus & Cressida’ but I make no promises yet..

In the meantime, my thanks to Alan for his works on the website, which undoubtedly inspired this blog, and the very best wishes to all. Here’s to a few more years to come.


M x

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