Well, that was an explosive opening night…in more ways than one. No sooner had Janet McKenzie, Miss French’s housekeeper, taken the stand than there was a bang and  the stage plunged into darkness. It might have been the power of K Isom’s withering glare or just a rather old light that had reached the end of its life and decided to go out in style but thankfully everyone was safe, despite the incendiary moment (more than one audience member thought it was a staged gun shot, in keeping with the expectations of an Agatha Christie story) and after a brief recess called by the Judge, it was on with the show, as it must!
Thanks then to an appreciative and patient first night crowd and to a first rate technical team, in particular Melanie Roffey, who took everything in their stride to ensure that the atmosphere was maintained throughout the rest of the performance- we could have carried on under house lights but it just wouldn’t have been the same beneath the harsh neon glare of the hall’s strip lighting. 

And so, night one down. We hope that the next two nights will be just as successful and keep audience members guessing until the very end, but maybe without the unexpected pyrotechnics next time!

Hope to see many of you tonight and tomorrow. Until next time,

M x

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