The Jury’s Out

And so, the trial of Leonard Vole is over. Three successful nights, three packed houses and many satisfied audience members later, the curtain has come down on our December 2016 production. I have written before about that feeling of bereftness that comes to many the day after a show and I am certainly experiencing that now; I imagine many of my fellow cast members will be going through just the same. So, what better tonic than a little reflective bloggage to soothe the melancholy. It is nice to get time back after such a commitment, don’t get me wrong- I have managed to do some washing after all, but the feeling of togetherness that comes from certain plays can be special. ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ under Vicky’s direction was one such special play. 

Photos will follow in the very near future but I will leave with an image rarely seen, after the set has been taken down, the chairs put away, the hall cleaned and swept- the post show celebration. Ok, it might not have started until gone 12:30 and the days of carousing until 6 a.m are long gone but it was a fitting way to end an exceptional run.

So another toast to a splendid play and the final word to follow very soon.

M x

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