Scenes From a Prosecution

The reverie of the weekend has passed and the warm glow of post play pleasure slowly fades into the background as the hurly burly of everyday life and the Christmas countdown begins to assert itself. Nonetheless, there are still many fine memories from the show and, thankfully, lots of them were committed to memory (card) courtesy of the keen eye of Karen Warner. Here, then, are just a few of the hundreds taken from our brush with crime and ‘Witness for the Prosecution’.

We have said our goodbye to it but it is quite clear that this is the ‘Christie du jour’  with the BBC capitalising on last year’s success of ‘And Then There Were None’ , offering it as their festive murder mystery for 2016 – a tradition in the making methinks. With Sex And The City actress Kim Cattrall, Toby Jones and Andrea Riseborough at the forefront, it promises a compelling reworking of the source material and allegedly a new take on the story, possibly in the same vein as Vicky’s reworking of the ending though we will wait to see. I am certainly looking at it with a reinvigorated interest following the last few weeks and I certainly know a number of members of our audience will be drawing some interesting comparisons as well.  More details can be found online:

(Kim Cattrall, clearly in need of a cat brush here!)

Of course, Aiden Turner, who made such an impact with his smouldering performance last year, will not be returning but I would like to think we offered our own tribute amongst the sizzling, testosterone charged menfolk in the Matchbox as you can no doubt see from the pics above.

But there is even more. I have recently read that Hollywood legend Ben Affleck is scheduled to give the play a 21st century spin in in the very near future.

Ben Affleck to direct Agatha Christie’s The Witness For The Prosecution (no, not the BBC version)

Clearly interest in this play is not going away any time soon but it is worth saying, the Matchbox got there first, and I know for a fact that Vicky had chosen to do it before any of the above were announced. And thus the theatrical year ends with trails firmly blazed.

It isn’t over yet though, and news of our 2017 season will find its way on these pages very soon. For now, though, take care, keep well and once again feast your eyes on the Poldark lookalike competition at the top of the page. 🙂

Until next time.

M x