Summer Is Icumen In.

No, not a commentary about the weather – a trifle less inclement as it is of late ; nor a direct reference to that cult classic of British cinema ‘The Wicker Man’- as much as I could happily wax lyrical about that seminal masterpiece.

‘Summer is a’coming in, loudly sing cuckoo.’

 I just can’t seem to get the words out of my head. And if it isn’t those it is the tune to ‘Constant Billy’ or the melody to ‘Idbury Hill’. I have become something of an aficionado on English (and Scottish) folk music of late as the finishing touches are put to our forthcoming double bill, ‘The Farndale Farces’. 

Yes, it’s production week and, having spent a cheery few days selecting and sourcing the soundtrack to such endeavours,  yesterday afternoon/evening saw oyr technical rehearsal. Here is the bringing together of music, light and sound and special effects- the delicate and subtle fusion of audio visual glue that welds together the disparate elements of performance, imagined apparitions and poorly hummed soundtrack- that have essentially been the heart of the play over the last nine weeks. With nearly 100 sound cues and twice that many lighting changes that is no small feat. Unquestionably this promises to be a son et lumiere spectacle, although not always for the right reasons- this is a comedy after all.

So, two more dress rehearsals and it is show time. I hope you will take a walk down to the Farndale Avenue church hall, albeit temporarily relocated to Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham. Our brace of shows may be put on by amateurs but, if enthusiasm and dedication are anything to go by, you would not think it, and while everything collapses and falls down around them they each stand steadfast and determined with the heart of a pro.

Sort of.

Sword fights, the supernatural, explosions, blood, thunder and Morris dancing are but a selection if the dramatic treats in store. In fact a grandiose spectacle on a scale unprecedented, though it falls slightly short of setting fire to a giant pagan statue on stage.

Which is where I came in. 

Sing cuckoo. 

M x

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