Iambic Pentameter is Go

Though I referred to the April/May lull in my post yesterday, that is not to say that members of the company haven’t been busy with Matchbox matters outside the theatre. As reported previously in these pages, we are regularly in attendance at one of the stations during the biennial St Christopher’s Hospice Walk which takes place through the countryside of Keston and surrounding areas. This year was no different with the group being steadfastly represented by a number of members throughout the day- Mike, Annie, Gillian, John, Kate and Dot and most notably Tim with his almost legendary freeform sonnet recitals, a spiritual uplift for many a walker over the years. I was reliably informed by one such group passing through that this year’s recitation was cheerily accompanied by a flute of champagne: I suspect they must have had a touch of the sun to imagine such decadence from our resident Shakespearan scholar.

This year also saw a marvellous contribution to the event in the shape of the Reeve clan who come together in memory of their Dad, whose company name was AREGO, and thus took to donning Thunderbirds costumes, having a bit of fun dressing up and raising much needed funds for the Hospice.

So, another worthwhile venture showing that it isn’t just about what happens on stage. But, more of that anon.

M x

(Please note permission has not been sought from the owners to use the above pictures and should they wish them removed please drop me a line and I will be more than happy to do so.)


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