Choose Bennett, Choose Dinsdale, Choose…


It’s been over a month and the best part of two plays since last I was here but it would be appalling to let June pass without a Matchblog update particularly with our next show just around the corner. As intimated previously the evening,  vaguely alliteratively entitled Trainspotting Meets Talking Heads, is a triple bill in more intimate vein. In keeping with the previous Talking Heads event four years or so ago this offers a less formal and theatrical style event whilst providing three ‘monologues for a summer evening’. A Cream Cracker Under the Settee and Bed Among the Lentils, and a third monologue, not by Bennett but an equally entertaining piece by Stephen Dinsdale: Anorak of Fire: The Life and Times of Gus Gascoigne, Trainspotter.

I know that Dot, Helen and Zack have been working extraordinarily hard over the past few weeks, in many ways living the characters and have heard nothing but good reports from the rehearsals thus far. The curtain goes up next week, the show runs from 6th-8th July, so I am well aware that al involved are firmly gearing up for what promises to be an evening of hilarity, bitter sweet observations and the truths that so characterise the works of these two celebrated writers.  The Box Office is, as ever,  0845 680 4568 with tickets being priced £8 for adults and £6 for children.

Look forward to seeing you there.

M x