Leaping Back on the Bandwagon

Well, it’s not an unusual thing for me to apologise about being behind with bloggage but with a gap of nearly half a year…I have been remiss. Very remiss. So, much to catch up on then as you might well imagine.

Foremost is of course our upcoming December production, Jumpy, which goes up this Thursday (30th November). Indeed, I am writing these words as the technical rehearsal unfolds, the usual melee of pdychedelic light, random effects and the soundtrack of our lives!

The play is a bit of a departure for the group- keeping in with the recent trend of experimental, off beat and out of the ordinary choices of play, it provides something novel for cast and audiences. Debuting at the Duke of York in 2011 and written by April de Angelis, it enjoyed a great deal of popularity and critical success and is therefore a perfect choice for the Matchbox. Described as a tragedy played like a farce it takes at it’s heart the mid life crisis of Hilary and her struggles with a stale marriage, the threat of job loss and, not least, her 15 year old daughter Tilly’s provocative sexuality and utter contempt for her mother. Played by Tamsin Grieg originally, Hilary’s menopausal journey is a bittersweet series of encounters and misadventures that offers many instances of hilarity but also relatability.

The male mid life crisis is fertile territory for theatre, less so that of the woman’s equivalent and Jumpy therefore offers exciting challenge for the group. Directed by Vicky Pearce, well known for her creative staging, with K Isom as Hilary, this promises to be an excellent night of theatre. With a small but perfectly formed cast of young and old(er) it has unquestionably been rehearsed to a refined polish that brings out the very best of the humour, and the poignancy.

More mature in content than some recent fare it is nonetheless neither vulgar or crude and anyone over the age of 14 will be able to appreciate the various beats and moments at the heart of the play. It’s certainly a great one for the blog to return to after such a long hiatus, and we are looking forward to once again entertaining audiences with something a little different. Tickets are still available for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday so if you haven’t got hold of one yet, make sure you pick them up sooner rather than later.

So, hello again, thanks for having me back, sorry for the absence, it won’t happen again. Promise.

Until the next time.

M x