THE MATCHBOX PANTOMIME 2017 (and an important request)


As the year begins to draw to a close, thoughts turn for many to the festive season and a chance hopefully for some rest and reflection. As always it is a quieter time in Matchbox Theatre land…

…Oh no it isn’t!

Oh yes it is!

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest  we will ever get to a pantomime. Though I personally would love to channel the inner dame – can’t you tell?

Nonetheless even with this being the case thoughts are turning to next year’s productions and a notice will be going out about auditions for the March play in the next few days. We also have the AGM to start the year on 7th January and we would be VERY grateful if as many people as possible could come to this meeting as there are some important matters to discuss regarding the future of the group; the more people who turn up, the more ideas and suggestions might be forthcoming regarding the issues currently being faced. We hope the promise of cheese and wine will be enough to entice.

So, though this isn’t quite the last post of the year, I do sincerely hope you are gearing up for a suitably restful/exciting/quiet/decadent/debauched (delete where applicable) festive season. Take care and will catch up soon and, remember…


Until next time,

M x



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