A Few Steps Closer

Rehearsals have been progressing at a steady rate of knots for our March production, The 39 Steps. Under the Matchbox Sized Shakespeare Company banner, though I want to make it clear the play has nothing at all to do with Shakespeare, it embraces the tradition of fast paced, funny and epic entertainment carried out with a minimum of cast. In this case six actors step up to play in excess of 100 roles in this loving homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1935 film, alongside a few more from his body of the work along the way. Be amazed as we recreate a high speed chase across the top of The Flying Scotsman, gasp as the Forth Bridge is recreated in the church hall, thrill at a high speed aeroplane chase which to take you North by Northwest. Yes, this is an evening of spectacle, exciting action and more whizz bang one liners than you can shake an unlit pipe at.

Again another play that enjoyed a considerably successful run in the West End, we bring it to West Wickham and hopefully provide an evening of high entertainment and comedy. My fiftieth play with the Matchbox in nearly twenty years, I hope this is going to be something special, revisiting the spirit of The Compleat Works, All the Great Books and most recently last year’s Umlaut.

Tickets will be available very soon. In the meantime here are a handful of images from rehearsals, with a special guest Hannay.

Until next time

M x


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