Second Night

Just checking in to say what a jolly good opening night it was with ‘The Winslow Boy’. With tonight sold out and Saturday as good as, I think the best is yet to come. If you saw it yesterday hope you enjoyed, any comments as always are welcomed, and if you are coming tonight or tomorrow I hope that you will gasp, laugh and be moved as so many of the folk in the church hall were last night.

Will see you at the other side with a couple of surprise past blasts I hope!
M x

2 thoughts on “Second Night

  1. Hi Mike Just wanted to let you know how much Dai and myself enjoyed last night’s performance. It was excellent, a superb play brilliantly cast and very well directed. The acting was without fault, an amazing collection of talent! It was quite refreshing to see the performance completely on the stage as was commented on by quite a few of the audience. A truly wonderful evening, one of the best Matchbox productions. Love Joanie x

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